Film Photography VS Digital Photography? I think not!

Posted on March 18, 2012


The invention of the camera has evolved tremendously, from film to digital? Can you say AMAZING!

It’s quite interesting how I got into photography, I actually thought I was signing up for a Video Communications class, which was actually photography. And from there I fell in love. I took this course that introduced me to film photography and the amazing, timeless darkroom. At first, I wasn’t all into it, because we were learning about the basics, which at the time I didn’t think mattered. I thought it was as easy as pressing down on the shutter button. I had no idea what all the terms in photography were, such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Also, I didn’t know the different parts of a camera, I just knew it was a camera and you clicked the button on the top right. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this, we think we know what we’re doing, when actually we have so much to learn. Even now, especially with all these digital enhancements, we will continue to learn in this medium known as photography. Camera’s are a part of technology and while technology grows we can only expect the camera to grow as well. But I do believe that nothing beats the timeless beginnings of film technology.

You may be thinking what’s so great about film, right? Well, let me tell you, EVERYTHING about film is amazing! But the greatest part of film photography is that it helps you understand the crazy dynamics within light. We all know light is important, but you learn as you go, just how to record light and produce an image using or not using light. There’s also those “planned shots”, how about that one time when you actually had to think about the shot, or what it was that you were trying to shoot? With digital, it’s crazy awesome how we can just shoot to our hearts content (and I do love that feature about digital), but it’s a totally different experience to compose an image in your head before you actually click the shutter button. And the timeless darkroom, the ultimate home for all film lovers. Today, Adobe is our digital darkroom, but before digital, it was an actual dark room, hence the name… Darkroom! The room isn’t complete darkness of course, more like a red-light room (that probably would’ve been a more appropriate name right?). There’s probably more than a dozen reasons why film is amazing, but overall it’s an experience, a timeless, everlasting experience.

Digital photography, on the other hand, is probably one of the greatest advancements of technology. How incredible is it that we are able to capture an image and within seconds see our final results? Or just how convenient has it become that just about every cellphone contains a camera for its user? In this day and age, it’s all about convenience, and cameras today seem to do just that. Be convenient. But that’s not all, it’s allowed the art to grow into a sort of movement, a way of expression that connects people. Today, anyone can go into a store, buy a camera, and start taking pictures, developing their own artistic style. They can further post their pictures and connect with everyone around the world who is doing the same thing. There’s also the convenience of developing your own images, by saving your files onto your computer or external hard drive. There’s also the post-processing part, which allows anyone to freely edit the photos in B&W, color, or by fixing your levels, saturation, exposure, etc. Digital photography is really growing and becoming popular among us all, and while the world makes technological advancements, you can be sure photography will be right there with it.

Overall, I think both film and digital are best distinguished as two happy mediums, neither different nor the same. Yes, both are made for the same purpose, but rather than be different, I think that they complement each other. Digital darkroom may take over the days of film, but I really believe that everyone should at least once in their life experience film photography. I’m no expert at developing film or all things film, it’s just something that began my journey into photography – the world of images. And maybe it can open your world too! 🙂