Branding me, myself, and eye?

Posted on March 20, 2012


Before I begin the planning stages of a business, I have to address my style as a photographer and create my “brand”. What kind of customers will I want to attract? Why would I want these types of customers? How will I differentiate myself from all other photographers? Ultimately, I’m trying to decide what makes me different. These are some questions that I’ve run through my mind, trying to help me decide how I will brand myself. And I’m more than sure that I don’t want to be stuck in one field of the photographic business as I will want to maybe branch off and excel elsewhere, so what do I plan on doing?

I plan on branding myself according to me, myself, and eye.

ME & MYSELF. Who am I really? This is probably the most important aspect of branding, at least I would like to think it is. I am just another aspiring artist trying to make their hobby a career. True? Very true! But that’s not how I want myself to be “branded” or how I want people to view me, I want them to see what lies beneath it, the personality, the ideas, the best of what makes me who I am. I want people to see me, the way I see myself. I want to inspire and be inspired. To show people the beauty in chaos, the light when its dark, the fun in crazy. I want my personality to speak volumes, to help define my brand.

And an EYE? What does an eye have to do with branding myself? Well, let me tell you, eyes and cameras actually have a very good relationship. Almost very identical, as they perform in almost the exact same way. We use our eyes to see the world, just as we use a camera to capture the world we see. And just like my personality. my eyesight is different. I should be wearing glasses to see the world at a 20/20 vision, right? Wrong! I don’t wear my glasses because I believe I see things the way I’m supposed to. I see things in my own way, as I may move closer to get a better look at something small, I may move back to see the whole picture. This is my photographic eye; my view of the world through my lens from my perfectly imperfect eyes.

As I will use my personality and ideas, I will also use my photographic eye to accomplish my brand and by doing so, I will, for now, aim to brand me, myself, and eye towards my goals as a business.