10 Tips for Photographing Children

Posted on March 26, 2012


Truck Play

Photographing children may be quite challenging, especially because they like to explore. In order to get really good photographs of children I’ve compiled a list of tips from my experience.

  1. Always schedule a shoot an hour after naps. Babies and children are still a little doozy after they wake, so give them time to wake up. Also, they’ll likely be in a good mood.
  2. Let the kids snack on something. Got a fast kid on your hands? Give the child a snack/drink and photograph him/her as they munch away.
  3. Let children play dress up. Have costumes from Halloween that children wore only once? Allow them to wear it again, costumes aren’t just for Halloween, it’s for fun!
  4. Have children bring/play with their favorite toys. For example, do they have a favorite car, doll or blanket? Capture the childs relationship with their toys.
  5. Allow children to explore! Kids are going to discover things, just supervise their exploration, and capture away!
  6. Have children play with their parents, siblings, family pets, or other kids. Kids are very playful, capture them having fun.
  7. Talk to the children and allow them to warm up to you. Introduce yourself, ask them how their day is going, and always tell them to have fun. Kids are definitely going to like those instructions.
  8. Got Tantrums? Let them express themselves, not a lot of people capture these moments, but it’s definitely okay. Photograph these moments, kids will eventually outgrow them, and I’m sure parents will appreciate it. They’ll get to look back on the photos and have a laugh.
  9. Let children be themselves. The best photographs of a child are of the child being just that, a child.
  10. Enjoy! Your attitude is contagious, so remember to have fun, don’t worry, and be happy!

Whether you’re just a parent trying to photograph their kids, or an amateur, hope these tips help you out!