Smile! It’s Contagious!

Posted on March 31, 2012


Sometimes when the world seems against you, it somehow finds a way to uplift your spirits, of course in very unexpected ways. For me, today was that day. As I was driving I saw a homeless man, waving the most amazing sign I have ever seen! It was totally surreal, because I never thought I would see a man, who has almost nothing, have just about everything a person could ever need. Faith.

Be The Light

Meet Steve, sharing with the world and encouraging others to "Be the light"

Like a normal crazy person, I parked the car, got out, and ran over to where this man was, introduced myself and asked if I could take a few pictures of him and his signs. As excited as I was, this man, Steve, was ecstatic! He tells me people usually just hand him a few dollars here and there, but no one ever asks to take his picture. How could you not photograph these amazing signs? I kindly asked him to hold his sign and “Be The Light” was his choice.

Elevate Consciousness, Be The Light, Be Born Again

Steve with his cart, chillin' out spreading faith to its Kapolei drivers.

As I continue to shoot, I tell him what he does is amazing! How many homeless people write signs that make you just want to smile? Compared to the “I need money/food” or “Help” signs, he busted out these joyful, happy, fun, and colorful signs? Probably a small margin and many of us will probably see it for ourselves only once. It’s just incredible to see someone, who lives out on the streets, spreading uplifting words.

Vets Make the World a Better Place, Bless a Vet!

As the sun slowly fades into the dusk, Steve continues to wave his signs in hopes to spread faith.

After five minutes and a few shots later, he offered to give me an interview about himself. And I’m betting his life story is a lot more intriguing than most.

Stay tuned.