Aloha Stadium on O’ahu

Posted on April 22, 2012


Hawai’i is by far one of the best places to visit, even better when you’re out on the beach. But no vacation is complete without a walk around Aloha Stadium.

On a swap meet adventure at Aloha Stadium

Kukui Nut Shell Necklaces

Kukui Nut Shell Leis

Swap meet shops, featuring Hawai'iana and island gifts

Hawai'ian clothing designs for little girls

More cute little Hawai'ian dresses for baby girls

Shell Lei's featured just about everywhere on the island and sold at Aloha Stadium

More Lei's

Rastafied for all your island love

"Give yah burd a coconut" CHEEEEE

House warming gift? I think so!

Plumeria Lei's - so colorful and pretty!

Tiki Bar/Take A Leaky

When yah need to slap dah booty, grab dis paddle and take a whoopie

Percussion instrument used by Hula dancers display at a shop around the Stadium

Great to hang in your car

Aloha nut case for coins

And when you're thirsty stop for some fresh cold nuts, CoCoNuts!

this is the life.

If ever you decide to swing by O’ahu, visit Aloha Stadium Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays, 0700-1500. It’s well worth it, and best of all, you can try to save your money and bargain with some shop owners.